The Importance of Political Activism

Three weeks ago I went off to college and I have been absolutely disgusted with the amount of political apathy that exists in our country. I knew a lot of people don’t like politics, but being apathetic? Being ignorant on the issues?

Political activism of any kind is vital to getting more people to open their eyes and see where we’re headed. This isn’t restricted to solely promoting libertarian ideas, but regardless of what you belief; if you’re a libertarian, a conservative, a liberal, a statist, or an anarchist, it is vital to get people involved, aware, and educated on the important issues our country faces.

As a libertarian, I believe that much of the reason our country is headed downhill is because of apathy and ignorance. Being politically apathetic affects politics, as does ignorance. I think a big reason that we’re heading towards oppression is because of ignorance. At face value, most government restrictions on personal and economic liberty sound appealing, until investigated further. That’s why we must promote awareness and knowledge on the issues. We need to make people more aware of the problems and the solutions that work.

Political activism can take many forms. You could start your own organization, join an organization, or be involved on a more basic level. This could include talking to your family, friends, and peers about pressing issues. Raise questions that make them think and will cause them to investigate further. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.

Getting people involved, thinking, and educated about political issues is vital to any type of positive political reform we need. This can be evidences by some of the enormous libertarian grassroots efforts we’ve seen lately; many, if not most, of the members were apolitical until they learned more about the issues and realized their importance and relevance on their lives.

On a side note, I’m not just talking the talk. As a new college student, I’m already trying to get more involved on educating people on the importance of personal and economic liberty. I have this site, ForWhichItStood.Org, which is a great place for me to help spread the message of liberty nationally through the web. Additionally, I’m currently working on forming a political group on my college campus. Hopefully we’ll be involved in things like writing to newspapers, holding discussing, inviting guest speakers, and more.

Political activism is key to changing people from flawed schools of thought or apathy to being passionate about issues that are vital to the future of our country.

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