Paypal Gave Over 1,000 Anonymous IP Addresses to the FBI

For those of you who aren’t aware, last year Anonymous attacked PayPal. They used a DDoS attack in retaliation for PayPal freezing Wikileak’s account.

Paypal has apparently, finally, retaliated. PayPal gave a list of over 1,000 IP addresses to the FBI. These IP addresses were apparently linked to the previous DDoS attacks on PayPal. They’re late to respond, but this comes as no surprise. The FBI has recently been investigating and arresting members of Anonymous who’ve been involved in various hacking attempts, even denial of service attacks.

It’s uncertain how useful the IP addresses will be, since it’s not difficult to mask one’s IP address.

FBI agent Chris Thompson has been quoted as saying that PayPal security employees and the FBI have been working together in response to last year’s PayPal-Anonymous incident.

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