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Unconstitutional “Patriot” Act Extended

As most of you may know, the so-called “Patriot” Act was recently extended. It was originally thought that the act would pass without opposition, but the Patriot Act failed the… Read more »

Please Support Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Initiative – HR459 and S202

Over the past several months, Dr. Ron Paul has made it his personal mission to take on the Federal Reserve. Clearly, it is an issue that is important to him,… Read more »

Illinois Wiretapping Laws Upheld – Recording Police Still Illegal

Recently, a Federal District Court Judge, Suzanne Conlon, dismissed a challenge by the ACLU in Illinois that questioned the Illinois law that makes recording someone with their consent, on public… Read more »

Patriot Act Soon to be Renewed

Patriot Act Soon to be Renewed

We all want to feel safe. We want to feel the government is protecting us, but at the same time we want to feel that our freedoms are preserved. The… Read more »

Will Illinois Join the Ranks of Medical Marijuana States?

With fifteen states already having some form of medical marijuana law, and several new states drafting similar laws, it’s no surprise that Illinois has joined the ranks of those trying… Read more »

Big Brother Increases Internet Censorship and Regulation

Big Brother Increases Internet Censorship and Regulation

We feared it would happen. We knew, with their lust for control, the federal government would eventually extend their reach upon the frontier of the internet. Though the federal government… Read more »

DEA Ban on “Synthetic Marijuana” Will Endanger Consumers, Not End “Legal Highs”

“Synthetic marijuana” brands like Spice, K2, and other herbal blends are sold in headshops across the country as incense. Headshops can get away with selling these products because, as incense,… Read more »

A Letter from Selective Service

I went home last week for Thanksgiving break to find a surprise waiting for me – a letter from Selective Service. Apparently I’d failed to register for Selective Service and… Read more »

Is Fast Food Immoral? LA Thinks So.

Well, the Los Angeles City Council has done it. They’ve successfully and unanimously passed an ordinance that prohibits the building of new fast-food restaurants in a 32-square-mile area. Over 500,000… Read more »

Bailouts Devalue the Dollar and Hurt the Taxpayer

People say that by not bailing out certain “essential” companies, things will get much worse. This is probably true. However, solving this problem by bailing them out isn’t the answer…. Read more »

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