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Traffic Information

When you visitor, our system collects basic information about your computer; namely, your IP address, operating system, browsing software, internet service provider and your viewing habits. All of this information is collected from all users who view our site and offers valueable insite into or demographics. This date, however, is not released publically and connect be used to indentify you as an individual; rather, the data is compiled collectively.


The ads on our site are third party companies. These companies may use collected data to provide you with more targeted, relevant advertising.


Like most websites, uses cookies. These are small textual files placed on your computer. They can track the type of content and which pages users view, and more. Cookies help us provide a better service.

Email Newsletters and Updates

Once signing up, users will receive email newsletters and occasional annoucements from Users who subscribe to email updates will receive RSS updates to their email address. This is diferent than notifications which are recieved once you register; if you have an account with, we consider you interested in receiving updates. Like with other features, you do have the option to opt-out.

Discussion Forums

A big part of is our forum community. This is where users organize and plan activist campaigns. Most forum sections are available to the public, and users know and acknowledge this when using the software. Caution should be used when releasing personal information.

Other Websites

Our organization and our members may, from time to time, link to other websites on the internet. We are not responsible for the terms or privacy policies of these sites. Concerned users should seek information from these new organizations.

Disclosure of Personal Information will not authorize release of personal information without your consent unless it’s 1) as described in our privacy policy or 2) in accordance to law or a court order requiring us to do so.


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